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Rules On Users' Signatures

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Post: 1   Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:07 pm   Rules On Users' Signatures Reply with quote

1) There are to be no images of any kind in your signature.
2) No colors. No bolding. Minimum underlining allowed.
3) Font size shall NOT be changed. Use the default font size.
4) Linking to outside, off-topic sites is also to be kept to a minimum. If you are the site's webmaster, you may freely link to your own site (unless it's spamtastic).
5) Quoting/Code'ing in signatures is to be kept to one or two lines maximum.
6) Overall signature length is not to exceed four lines INCLUDING empty lines.

If I've missed anything, please post below.

I hate to be the Henazi, but it has always been my opinion that silly/goofy sigs make a forum look immature.

I, several years ago, wrote:
This has been a WTATA/Improvedy rule from Day 1, but I don't think I ever made an official post on it. So here goes:

New members and current members that simply don't know: There are to be no images in your signature lines. Topics can get waaaay too crowded and cluttered when people do so.

Further, signatures should only be 1 to 4 lines long, max.

EDIT: Links are allowed in sigs, but only if they are not obvious spam links. You do not need to tell us about your online casino or ipod scams in your sigs. A mod will tell you if your link is okay.

Moderators and myself will let you know if we feel you are in violation.


I got a one word answer, "improvedy" and haven't looked back.

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